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Timing BeltOur certified mechanics have experience maintaining and repairing both domestic and foreign automobiles. Our services include repairing, rebuilding, overhauling and/or replacing your engine, transmission or A/C compressor. We can also check and, if necessary, replace your timing belt, alternator, head gaskets, radiator, thermostat, blower motor, electronic ignition, distributor, fuel injector, shocks, struts, wheels, tires, battery or water pump. We replace brake pads, rotors and/or brake drums.

We can change your oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, spark plugs, spark plug wires, air conditioning refrigerant and wheels or tires. We can also check your alignment and align your vehicle if necessary. We also install headers and exhaust systems.

American Cars

• Buick

• Cadillac

• Chevrolet

• Chrysler

• Dodge

• Ford

• Jeep

• Others

European Cars

• Audi


• Jaguar

• Mercedes

• Range Rover

• Volvo

• VW

• Others

Japanese Cars

• Acura

• Honda

• Infinity

• Lexus

• Nissan

• Subaru

• Toyota

• Others

Korean Cars

• Hyundai


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