Window Tinting

Window tint is a must to combat the brutal Texas summers. It cuts down on glare and can reduce the interior temperature of your car by 30°F or more. Quality window tint not only makes driving more comfortable, it reduces the burden on your air conditioner thereby improving fuel efficiency. It also blocks up to 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays which protects the interior of your car from fading and sun damage, keeping it looking newer, longer.

While many tint shops offer ridiculously low prices, they use cheap window tint that may quickly bubble, wrinkle and/or become discolored. At Chip's, we believe that it isn't worth doing if it isn't done right and use only premium window tint that is backed by a lifetime warranty and color guaranty. We offer same day service for a flat rate (including tax) of $229 for most cars. So if you want a quality window tint backed by a lifetime warranty and don't want to get burned by a fly-by-night or mobile tint service, call us today at 972.245.1222.


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